Selling or buying in small towns such as Walkerton can be a stress-free experience or it can result in lawyers deciding which court will settle your differences. Right or wrong, ending up in front of a judge is not a pleasurable experience.

If you are selling an in-town or country property in Bruce County and want to avoid this process, full disclosure of everything you know about your property is very important. Misrepresenting or not being honest with a buyer can initiate a legal process this not only time-consuming, but expensive!

Always be honest and clear in the language that points out past or ongoing problems with the property. This allows the buyer to make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed on purchasing that Bruce County property you have for sale.

If you are buying, make sure your REALTOR® protects you with the proper clauses, including inspections, disclosures, well, septic, insurance or debris. Avoid all grey areas by making sure the language is clear as to what your expectations are and what happens if those expectations are not met.

The first thing that lawyers look for when there is a problem is the language. Grey areas make lawyers very happy as they now can include you in the legal process.

In conclusion, when buying or selling in Walkerton or the big city, make sure you protect your interests as well as your bank account.