Whether it is your grandmother's perfume or your father's aftershave, many people have signature scents by which you remember them. Homes are similar; buyers may remember them by their first impression, which includes what the home smells like.

Many smells are extremely off-putting. If you are attempting to sell your Hanover Ontario home and you happen to work at one of the local poultry farms, you will need to ensure that your home does not carry that scent as well. A good way to do this is to keep a sealed bin in the washroom and take a shower immediately when you get home, placing your clothes in the bin until they can be washed.

There are many other scents that most buyers will negatively associate with your home. Cigarette smoke, cat and dog odour and fishy scents are all deemed unpleasant and can knock your home out of the running among potential buyers looking at Hanover Homes for Sale. If you have an indoor pet, make sure his or her bedding is freshly laundered, the cat box is changed and the dog has been bathed or even placed in a local Hanover Doggie Day Care during showings. This can help pet odour significantly.

While you cannot undo a lifetime of smoking in a home, there are ways to mitigate this and other odours. Citrus is a popular scent that can draw other odours out. Sitting around dishes of orange or lemon oil, as well as burning citrus-scented candles can help tone down the unpleasantness. In addition, air your home out. Any time you are home prior to an open house or showing, leave the windows open and use fans to help get rid of some of the odours.

Some people find cooking odours, particularly that of recently cooked fish, offensive. Avoid cooking fishy or curried dishes prior to a showing. Leave a window open, and/or the vent on, when you are cooking strong scented dishes.