A Client selling a Chesley home needs to hear the truth. However, I like to think of it as how to reach a common goal. If we are constantly discussing issues with our clients in the same way, and as agents we do not like the outcome, I think we need to be present and smart enough to change our approach or response.

Chelsey Home Seller - "How Dare They Say the Kitchen is Too Small"

For example, if a client selling a Chesley home says "How dare they say the kitchen is too small," what I hear is that the seller is taking it personally. They may be stressed in this market and tired of keeping their home show-ready. But, defending the other agent at this point only gets her more upset. Yes honey, your bum does look big in that, doesn't generally go down too well.

Please List What We Can Actually Do something About

Side bar here agents - When previewing a Chesley home for sale, refrain from listing things that 'are what they are', without adding "XYZ too small/close etc, should reduce price, road close by, too small (unless it can be changed or constructive advise is there), colonial doesn't sell well here" and so forth. Please list your extremely useful insights into things we can actually do something about like price, color, clutter etc. Always so valuable - If we can't change them, adding 'reduce price" or 'add incentive' or any other ideas folks!

Spind Doctoring Situations in Your Favor

We must deal with a client selling a Chesley home in the best way possible when they are upset by comments. In one of those situations, my suggestion would be something like - "Sandra, I agree - I think we will find the person that will love this kitchen. You'll also love that the preview agents liked the master and the landscaping. How about we go over A, B and C, which we can easily change for a few dollars, and I will help you or help you find someone that can take care of these things."

My experience has been that if you look at how YOU are reacting in a difficult situation, and you switch how YOU react - the other person changes into someone you haven't met before! Take a deep breath and try it out next time you want to shoot someone. You will be able to spin doctor most situations around in your favor and will be pleasantly surprise at the results - Rowena Patton