It is really easy to succumb to a case of cabin fever when the weather outside is not conducive to going anywhere or working in the yard. You can only stay cooped up so long before you start to go completely stir crazy. If this sounds like what you are going through, Saugeen Real Estate has a few ideas for some winter projects that will keep you from getting bored when the weather outside is too ugly to deal with. Most importantly, they are all easy to complete and extremely cost-effective. Consider the following.

  1. Add insulation to hot water pipes in order to reduce heat loss.
  2. Clean the windows in every room of your home.
  3. If your bathroom tile grout is dirty and old or some of it is missing, re-grout the floor.
  4. Install new flooring where it is needed (you can install laminates or Pergo on top of your existing flooring to save some extra labor and time).
  5. Install water saving mechanisms in your toiled tanks.
  6. Pick out one or two rooms in your home and repaint them instead of waiting until springtime.
  7. Replace older lighting with energy-efficient lighting throughout your home.
  8. Replace older plumbing fixtures with newer upgraded products.
  9. Replace your A/C and furnace filters.
  10. Use food coloring to check for water leaking from the toilet tank into the bowl (if there is a leak, you probably need to replace the flapper).

Although these are the more common projects to complete during wintertime, there may be others that take precedence over the ones listed above. Be sure that you walk through your home a few times in case you missed a few projects that may not be listed above. You can also contact Marlene Voisin for more ideas. One way or the other, you will not have to worry about getting bored this winter.