Anyone looking to buy property in Walkerton, especially a resale home, doesn't want to inherit a seller's headaches.A home inspection on Walkerton property for sale is necessary!

Usually the offer to buy a Walkerton home is conditional on the buyer being satisfied with the home inspection so if the Walkerton property for sale fails the grade, there is no deal.

A Walkerton home inspection will examine the major systems in the house including: plumbing, electrical, heating, roof, foundation, insulation, etc., and gives the Walkerton home buyer a written report.

How Much does a Home inspection Cost on a Walkerton Property for Sale?

What is the cost of a Walkerton home inspection? - Usually a couple of hundred dollars, which is a small price to pay for the information that is provided.However, there is one problem with the home inspection industry; it is unlicensed, ungoverned, and unregulated. Anyone can establish a home inspection business with absolutely no training or credentials.

Hiring a Walkerton Home Inspector

So, before hiring a home inspector to inspect a Walkerton property, you should check with your Realtor, who will be able to refer you to a reliable home inspection company. Even then, make sure the inspector has liability insurance, just in case a mistake is made such as a hole in the roof or a leaky basement is overlooked in the Walkerton property for sale.