The key element is to research the market and find comparable homes for sale in Walkerton or that have recently sold in the last several months. Making comparisons is a blend of good research and market knowledge.

Here are a few basic guidelines to finding comparable homes, both sold and current Walkerton homes for sale:

  1. The closer a home is in physical proximity to your Walkerton property, the more comparable. For example, houses in Hanover or Port Elgin are unlikely to make good comparisons to similar properties in Walkerton. Some out of town buyers are amazed at the market differences. There really aren't comparisons that can be legitimately made across the country or across the city. Remember the old adage: Location, location, location.
  2. The closer in date of today's date for a sale or another listing, the more realistic the market indicator.
  3. The ability to be honest with yourself about what makes a true comparison.
  4. The knowledge of sold prices. While you may know what your neighbour asked for their home, you may not know what the actual final sold price paid. There may have been concessions such as decorating bonus, closing costs, etc. The sold price, more than the asking price, is the REAL indicator of realistic expectations when selling your Walkerton home and asking the right price for it.
  5. The ability to adjust prices between similar Walkerton properties that have differences is another important consideration. For example, adjusting the price if one Walkerton property has a two car garage verses another that only has a one car garage or a parking spot. Obviously, the two car garage home will have more value. Or, if one Walkerton property has an updated kitchen and the other is all original and outdated from the 1970s, the home with the updated kitchen will obviously have more value.
  6. While Location is Key and Timeliness is Vital, Features can not be Ignored
  7. Be honest with yourself about your ability to get good comparisons on your Walkerton home for sale. You may find the "Free Market Evaluation" that a Walkerton REALTOR® can provide is a start. Talk to people in the business. If you think a salesperson is going too low, you might want to get the opinion of two or more Walkerton REALTOR®. Even towns such as Kincardine, Port Elgin and Hanover that are located primarily in the same geographical area have similar homes that may differ greatly in price.
  8. Be wary of an estimate that seems too high - even though you would celebrate selling your Walkerton home for that price. You might not have the time to have your Walkerton property on the market for 6 months or longer waiting for some naive person to pay the price.

We recommend that you have an agent help you determine the asking price when listing and selling your Walkerton home. A qualified Walkerton real estate agent is current with changes in the market. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are appropriately competitive so that your home is sold in a reasonable amount of time and for the best price.