Homes in Walkerton are in high demand for the blend of small town community spirit in a natural suburban setting. One of the unique features of this neighbourhood is the combination of modern living in quaint homes that offer a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Curb appeal is a great asset to many homes in Walkerton Ontario, as they boast manicured properties that incorporate natural beauty into the environment.

Foot traffic is widely encouraged throughout the residential and commercial sections of Walkerton, so that homes receive high visibility throughout the area. This includes modern constructions as well as traditional brick face homes that sport comfortable porches for relaxing and catching up with fellow community members.

Lot sizes in Walkerton are modest but private, with fencing and shrubbery to offer delineation between properties. However, historic buildings and homes abound in this region, which creates an ability to increase property values based on the visual appeal. Keeping gardens neat and well kempt not only invites visitors to the area, but also establishes the cohesiveness of the neighbourhood.

Single family homes in Walkerton abound, and this generates a family friendly environment with a safe and comfortable feel. The result is that residents take great pride in the appearance of their properties, to add to the small town image. This is further enhanced by the Saugeen River at the northeast boundary of the community and creeks which transect the town. Residents can feel as though they have all the amenities of city living within an area that promotes outdoor beauty and natural recreations.

Along with parks and preserve lands in Walkerton, inhabitants can also see the comingling of downtown shopping with historic buildings such as the Sacred Heart Rectory and the Hartley House. This eclectic mix of traditional and modern architecture gives newcomers a sense of the vibrant spirit of the neighbourhood.

In keeping with this image, homes for sale in Walkerton can offer a wide appeal of taste. Newer homes are fashioned to blend with the structural suburban curb appeal of older homes. A variety of properties can invite through the landscaping features, which may range from more formal lots to ones that arouse the feel of an English garden, with weeping willows and ivy covered porches. Interested parties may find the right fit just by walking through the streets, as the private homes and lots invite buyers through the beauty of their structure and the peacefulness of the land.