There are many different aspects of the home buying and home selling process that can be confusing. Whether you are buying or selling, one of your main concerns is often who is present during the home inspection process. If you are a homeowner and you have just accepted a proposed offer on a home, you most likely want to know who exactly will be in attendance during the home inspection. Many people that are not completely familiar with the current real estate market in Grey Bruce are confused as to who shows up for the inspection and who is required to be present. This is a legitimate question and something that you should be informed about as both the homeowner and the prospective home buyer.

Grey Bruce Real Estate Owners

It is always best to work with a real estate agent from the Grey Bruce area that makes it a priority to be present during the inspection. This is the norm for most of the most qualified and reputable agents in your region. It is part of the realtors job to actually be resent during the home inspection. A home inspection is an integral part of the process when you are trying to sell your home and it is one of the biggest hurdles that you have to deal with during the process. This means that having a REALTOR® present during the home inspection is critical. You need their knowledge on your side during the inspection. You are essentially hiring your REALTOR® to be there for the inspection. It is necessary for all real estate agents to make it a priority to attend home inspections.

Why is Inspection So Important?

The reason that REALTORS® should make it a priority to go to a home inspection is because they are essential to the sale of any home. What the inspector finds or indicates during the inspection could have an impact on the sale and the price. Since what the inspector says will have such an impact on the final sale of the home, it only makes sense that the real estate agent that is representing you should be present to hear what is said. Even though it makes sense that an agent should be present, you will often see only the homeowners and buyers present when the inspector goes through the home. This should not be the norm and it is important that when you are looking to hire the right Grey Bruce real estate agent that you choose one that will come to the home inspection and work along side you during the complete process.


It is important that a real estate agent act as an advocate for their client. This means that no matter if they are representing a homeowner or a home buyer, they should be there to advocate in the best interest of their client. Agents can take many different approaches from talking with the inspector during the entire inspection or staying quiet in the background just observing until the very end. No matter what approach they take, it is important that they always have the best interest of their client in mind.