While every neighbourhood in our area will have a distinct draw for different residents, even the houses within these communities can generate a connection between potential buyers and the property. Hanover Ontario gives prospective buyers a unique combination of urban homes and more suburban lots which range across decades of construction. In this way older properties can have an immediate nostalgic draw for the heritage exterior, although the interior is equally important for making an impact on buyers.

Many of the older homes for sale in Hanover Ontario have shown shorter listing times and considerable improvements with an asking price after just a few simple renovations. Some of the more basic features that can vastly increase the property value include.

  • Updating heating and cooling systems.
  • Re-glazing for better energy efficiency.
  • Changing to more modern floor plans in great rooms and kitchens.
  • Updating appliances and fixtures.
  • Modernizing the lighting.
  • Electrical rewiring for more efficient power usage.

While these homes do have an immense appeal, sellers should also bear in mind that much of the interior configuration was designed before the use of technology became a regular way of life. In terms of electrical renovations, newer wiring that is safer and allows for greater power flow can turn an older gem of a home into a more livable domicile.

In this same mien, it can also be important for sellers to look at the dispersal of outlets throughout the home. Older homes can have limited outlet access, and while present owners are making do with power strips and other ways of maximizing outlet, a new buyer may not be amenable to this type of situation. Even this change can raise interest and value.

Considering the Bones

One of the more attractive features of many of the older homes for sale in Hanover Ontario is the actual design of the structure of the house. When homes have good bones, these features should be played up. In this way, renovation considerations do need to stay alert to the fact that minor updates can give the greatest results, and that investments for these changes do not need to be exorbitant.

Regardless of the changes that are made, sellers should also look at the balance between what they are spending on these renovations, and the actual returns of increased property values. It can be very easy to make sweeping changes that will actually end up costing more than the return on the investment. In this way, smaller renovations that can increase the livability of the home without entirely changing its personality will often be best.