When it comes to selling a home in Walkerton, there is a lot of information out there for staging an open house, but surprisingly few guidelines for the people who come to view them. For some, a Walkerton open house viewing may simply be an impulse activity to satisfy their curiosity about a neighbor's home.

Walkerton Open Houses are Important, especially for First-time Home Buyers

However, for those serious about a buying a home in Walkerton, especially first time buyers who have limited experience in seeing different Walkerton homes for sale including styles and layouts, visiting an open house in Walkerton can be a very informative and worthwhile exercise.

Plan an Effective Walkerton Open House Tour

To plan an effective Walkerton open house tour, you should start with a map. Plot out the addresses of where each open house is located, and the times of showings to ensure that you make the most productive use of your time.

Better still, plan your Walkerton open house tour on www.coldwellbanker.ca, and let us make up the list of all open houses in Walkerton, including times and do the mapping for you!

There are a variety of homes for sale in Walkerton for every lifestyle and budget. If you don't already know the neighbourhoods in Walkerton, that's probably the first place to start. Look at your map, and see where major transportation links are located, as well as parks, schools, shopping and amenities. If everything you see on the map looks good, then start out with a driving tour of the neighbourhood itself, before you devote some time to viewing individual Walkerton homes for sale.

Working with a Walkerton Real Estate Sales Person

If you plan on visiting a Walkerton open house, and you are already working with a Walkerton real estate salesperson, be sure to notify them in advance. Your sales representative can be a very valuable source of information about the neighborhood, and may possibly even be familiar with the individual Walkerton property for sale.

Also, depending on the rules of the local real estate board, visiting an open house in Walkerton without your agent present may result in conferring certain rights on the salesperson who is showing the property. If you discuss this with your salesperson before your visit, you are ensured of having the right person to look after your interests when it is time to make an offer on the perfect Walkerton property for sale.

Of course, if you are not yet working with a sales representative, open houses can provide a great opportunity to not only look for the right Walkerton property, but also the right salesperson. What better way to see them in action, and find out quickly if you communicate on the same wavelength?

Be Sure to Check out the Details on the Feature Sheet

As you tour an open house in Walkerton, try to see past the furnishings, and any personal clutter, and focus on whether the space and layout works for your needs.Also, don't assume that what you see is what you get! Many items you may see at the viewing, such as window treatments, light fixtures, appliances and even that hot tub on the back deck may not be included in the list price. Check details on the feature sheet and verify what is actually included with the agent hosting the open house for a Walkerton home for sale.

Be Direct and Ask Questions

When touring an Open House, be direct and ask questions. Remember, this is no time to be diplomatic. The real estate professional showing the Walkerton property for sale realizes that it may not be right for everyone. By keeping your comments open and direct, you help the sales representative to better understand your needs, and offer solutions to meet them.