With a population of just over 7,400 residents, Hanover Ontario has that small town charm that some cities in Canada are lacking. And to match that small town vibe, most who live here take the time to ensure that their home is just what they want. From their kitchen to their entertainment center to their lawns or patios, making sure that a house is really a home is important for enjoying everything Hanover has to offer. And the upcoming Hanover Home and Garden Show at the P&H Centre is the perfect way to find new and exciting products and ideas for making your home great.

This expo is designed for everyone. Whether you live in a small apartment or own a large house, whether it's brand new or has been around for decades, you'll find plenty that will change the way you look at your home. Scores of vendors will be offering the latest products, and you'll find numerous displays and demonstrations that will give you new ideas for how to improve your home including renovation ideas, home decor tips and tricks, and even gardening ideas that will make the outside of your home as beautiful and stunning as the inside.

Simply put, this is the perfect blend of entertainment, education, and shopping that Hanover will see! Vendors will be able to reach thousands of potential customers, and shoppers will be able to see the latest that the home improvement, decorating, and furnishing industry has to offer. On April 13 and 14, the Hanover Home and Garden Show will be the place to be for anyone who wants to give their home that special touch. Be sure that you take the time to visit for an hour or two. Your home will be glad that you did, and so will you.

Hanover Home and Garden Show 2013

This April 13 and 14