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Real Estate Tips for Home Sellers

Whether you are first-time home seller or an experienced Seller my real estate tips are perfect for everyone. If you need additional advice on Selling Homes in Walkerton, Hanover or Kincardine, please contact me anytime!

  • Showcase Your Home. From the front walk, to the inside, to the back yard.

    Uncluttered, do touch up's, and eliminate pet odors. The first 15 seconds in your home will usually determine whether or not the buyer wants to continue.

    Marlene offers 1 FREE Hour with Heather Smillie Designs who provides helpful hints and ideas to make your home show able.
  • Listing Guarantee's or Easy Exit Contracts. It just makes sense that if your agent has not provided the service or if there is a personality conflict, you should be able to voice the Listing Agreement.

    Marlene offers a listing guarantee on all her listings "She will keep her promises or you don't keep her as an agent".
  • Negotiating the Commission. Understand that commissions are not paid until the transaction is complete.

    Be very wary of the Real Estate Professional that use's a reduced commission plan to secure a listing agreement with you.

    Interestingly enough, a Real Estate Professional that is unable to negotiate their own fee up front may also have trouble negotiating the best price for your home when an offer is in process.

    Marlene's advice: Talk commissions through at the start and find out what type of service you are to be provided.
  • Choose your Realtor carefully. Interview several Real Estate Professionals and pick the one that not only provides the best service, but will be best suited to represent your interest.

    Contact Marlene for a free report on the "Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Realtor Before Entering Into A Listing Agreement".